RVA Tattoo Festival

it would appear that me and my assistant @chamberstattoo will be in attendance at this year’s richmond tattoo & arts festival, along with a slew of other mediocre talents from across the country. while I do not have any availabilities, it would sure be swell to see all your faces if you’re in the area.


Runner Up Best In Show

pulled runner up “best in show” behind @teresasharpeart here in Virginia┬áBeach. she was all like, “you’re super awesome and you should have won 1st place.” then I said, “you sure about that teresa?” then she did that thing where you smush a persons lips with your finger saying, “sh sh sh, you’re like way too handsome not to have gotten first.” so I took her trophy and threw it at some dude’s face… so anyways, big thanks to one of my all time favorite clients for letting me go ham on the ham.


Savannah Tattoo Festival

my high school puddin-pop ( @charlesbergertattoos ) and I will be down south tormenting the savannah locals next week. hit me up if you need to be perforated.